This past fall I renovated the upstairs of my home completely.  I chose the Icynene product to insulate the walls and ceiling in the attic.  The difference was night and day with how comfortable the house became.  No more drafts and considering how cold our winter was here in Raleigh we only ordered 2 half tanks of oil.  In past years we would get this monthly.

Equally as impressive was the crew from AMI Builders NC.

I would recommend this product to anyone who plans to build or renovate their home.

John Burges
Raleigh NC
John Burges Raleigh NC

Mr. Hardaman of Convington, GA shares his experiences with hisTrue Blue Solar Shield attic insulation install. " My average energy savings have been over 25% with a monthly savings of about $70."

Mr. Hardaman of Convington, GA