Roofing Replacements Raleigh NC

Roofing Replacements Raleigh NC

AMI BUILDERS NC PROVIDES ROOFING Replacement Services in Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Garner, and Surrounding Areas.

Roofing Replacement and Installation Services and Setup Raleigh NC.

Among the most significant home improvement needs most folks have for contractors is for house maintenance, roof installation, roof repair services, new roof construction, roof vent set up, windows repairs and installation, and siding installation and roofing replacements in NC. We provide professional roofing estimates to add solutions for residential clients. If your home or business is near the Raleigh region, AMI Builders NC gets the best options to satisfy your roof repair, new roof building, house siding, new windows, house insulation requirements. Contact our Raleigh Home Improvement Office at (919) 812- 7282 to get a FREE Home Inspection, Quote Estimate.

Was your home hit with storm damage? Does your roof need to be repaired or replaced and are you looking for a quality top-rated roofing contractor? We have been in business for over 30 years, and we can help you with all your home improvement and home repair needs.  We have services to cover a brand-new roof, siding, gutters, or windows. We also offer residential homes with Home solutions to address siding, gutters, or windows, we use nothing, but industry quality materials and products coupled with excellent artistry that you can rely on. We will help you identify your trouble areas and damages and work with both you and your insurance company to file your claim. We will ensure that everything is reported to make sure you receive all the repairs your insurance covers. So, whether your home was hit and damaged by a storm, and suffered wind, or hail damage we are we equipped to make all necessary repairs and installations.  Roofing NC Free Quote Estimate Inspection Raleigh NC. We will make sure all the repairs are made on time as promised and work hard to keep your respect and trust.

Best Roof Replacements in Raleigh. NC & surrounding areas.

Fixing your roof is a more valuable alternative to spending thousands on endless, expensive repairs and it’ll add value to your house. Replacing your roof Is Most Likely among the most significant investments to think about. A cost this big may become daunting when it is time to look for the ideal price and the perfect firm. That’s the reason why when you decide to utilize, a roofer; we unite both quality and affordability for every single job. Our honesty and integrity are built into every situation, and we genuinely Consider that by advising clients to follow through with the proper maintenance of the roof we’ll help them prevent expensive repairs and perhaps even unnecessary roof replacements. We can correctly ascertain the potency, stability, and general state of your roof and be able to best advise you on if you want a complete Raleigh roof replacement.

Inspecting a Roof in Raleigh Can be Cost-Effective VS Expensive Repairs

Your typical home inspector Isn’t a Professional roofer, also for the untrained eye, red flags can be complicated to discover. Every AMI representative has experienced hours of specialist instruction and continued education courses. Our roof inspections function to offer the homeowner an expert opinion of the roof requirements and requirements. Roof inspections are utilized to deliver value to your house. Our Roof review bundled involves a completed review form detailing the state of all roofing surfaces, your own added components, and roof fittings in a record format. You may receive pictures for your visual inspection. Our review packages will have a thorough letter from the agent. The correspondence is a summary-style overview of this roofing review type and interpretation of their agent’s findings.

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9) Shingle Roofing Installation in Raleigh and surrounding areas We fix, install, and replace shingle roofs.

We can Put in a beautiful and durable roof on your property. There Are Several Different Kinds of Roof shingles, such as asphalt three-tab tiles and structural tiles, wood shingles and slate tiles. Every roofing material has exceptional properties with various benefits and disadvantages depending on what you need for your property. When thinking about all your options, be aware that could aid you with any questions, and worries that you might have when replacing your roof. We’ve been in the roofing business for many years and can correctly explain the various advantages of each substance to you. We look forward to each new job. We start and will ensure excellent craft and support.


Asphalt roof shingles are cheap, Durable and may be used to attain many distinct looks. They’re also simple to install; nevertheless, they need regular maintenance. Matters like moss and debris may accumulate on the shingles, so doing an unappealing search for your house. Asphalt shingles are also available in two distinct fashions, three-tab shingles, and architectural shingles.


Slate Roofs have unmatched strength and durability. Out of All of the roofing stuff outside There, slate appears to transcend almost all with its power and aesthetic appeal. It’s been a favorite roofing choice for more than a century due to its capacity to withstand rough weather components. We can install an exquisite, weather Resistant slate roof in your own NC home. The slate will incorporate a stunning appearance to your house while protecting it at the roughest of components and weather requirements. When installing this kind of roofing on your home, you will inherit all the valuable attributes a sturdy, durable roofing material has to offer you.

Roofing Replacements Raleigh NC


Wood shingles are an excellent option for Homeowners who want the look and texture of wood paired with lasting functionality. Get the long-lasting beauty of real wood shingles! Wood is also a popular roofing material because of its layout appeal together with its valued power. The natural, raw beauty of timber shingles can boost the natural charm of any house, linking it into the gorgeous outdoors. Wood roofs provide classic elegance with all the durability and durability you would need when protecting your property.

Beautiful Tile Roofing Installation in Raleigh NC

Tile roofs unite attractiveness & Durability, supplying you with a shelter that will last a lifetime. Tile roofs are honored Due to their attractiveness; nevertheless, their physical traits mimic their aesthetic worth. Tile roof combines durability with elegance, providing homeowners with energy efficiency and outstanding fire resistance. This sort of roofing is offered in a range of colors, it’s not difficult to replace tiles whenever there is harm, and it’s not difficult to wash and maintain. If you are curious about a beautiful roof that will last a lifetime, a tile roof is the best alternative. There’s an extensive selection of colors and styles to select from letting you produce a unique design that can keep your house protected from rain, wind, and the roughest weather components.

Tile roofing is a popular choice in North Carolina:

Easy Repairs. In the unlikely event, your Roof tiles eventually become damaged, replacement is fast and straightforward.

1) Clay tiles Clay roof tiles are substantial, particularly in severe climate conditions. Clay tiles can also be energy efficient; permitting air to circulate between the tiles and roof deck, so limiting the flow of heat so that your cooling costs will probably be cut in warmer weather.

2) Concrete tiles Concrete tile roof is a lifelong roof material using a Class A fire rating. They’re also efficiently friendly and may be replaced. It’s composed of soil, water, and sand, which offers concrete together with the utmost durability and weather damage immunity.

3) Tile Roofing Price: Tile roof is an instance of, “you get what you pay for.” When there are lots of cheaper alternatives on the market, they lack the beauty and clean layout of tiles. Tiles are decorative and have strong qualities that usually outlast other roof materials. Clay and concrete tile roofs may resist the harshest of components, such as hail, heavy fires, and winds.

4) Setup: Clay and concrete tile roofs must be installed by an expert, for example. The tiles are inclined to be quite heavy…and fragile. Concrete tile roofs may weigh up to double the total amount of asphalt shingles.

5) Care most of the moment, roof tiles may be replaced. Clay roof tiles tend to flow once an excessive quantity of debris accumulates on it and may snap in frigid weather. Concrete slabs may crack under significant pressure. As a seasoned tile roofing firm can quickly replace broken tiles by merely taking away the broken pipes and incorporating new ones.

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Metal Roof Installation in Raleigh

Count on the durability and durability of our quality metal roofs, Reap the benefits of that a metal Roof must provide with expert installation. Metal roofing was Growing in popularity as a frequent selection or a roofing material due to its outstanding protection from all elements. Their capacity to withstand just about any weather component has made them superior to other roofing materials. Specializes in the Installation, replacement, and repair of roofs. By picking a metal roofing, you also can save money while preserving energy and becoming more environmentally friendly. Metal roofs may also provide you with the appearance of different kinds of roofing materials with no downsides that they frequently have.

Flat Roof Repair, Replacement, and Installations in Raleigh and Surrounding Areas.

It is Hard to Decide Which Type of flat roofing is Ideal for your Construction. Some dull roof remedies are equally acceptable for new building or re-roofing programs, while some aren’t. Energy functionality, maintenance requirements, and setup costs are different factors when deciding upon a level roofing material. AMI Builders provides services like flat roof repair and Upkeep and horizontal roof installations for residential clients. We’ve got a seasoned group of roofers who can help you choose the ideal kind of roofing for your house or assess your existing flat roof to indicate that the appropriate repairs.

Employ a roofing contractor with experience

The best roofing material accessible can fail if it is not installed correctly. That is why it’s essential to hire a roofing contractor with the tools to finish an excellent roof installment. These tools include a considerate, well-trained team; appropriate tools, and equipment to perform the job and expertise together with all the roofing material you would like to install. The short descriptions below will Offer some advice when selecting a flat roof.

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Apartment roof options for residential uses near Raleigh NC and Surrounding areas

1) Built-up roof (BUR) has a lengthy history. This “old-school” apartment roof therapy requires the use of roofing felt (tar paper) along with asphalt-based roof pitch, often in several layers. A high thickness of a reflective coating must decrease heat gain and enhance durability. Care and repair work commonly call for more sensed and coating layers to be implemented. With the years, this adds weight to the roofing and raises the mess and cost of its eventual removal. Although BUR stays an economical alternative, it cannot compete with more contemporary flat roofing materials concerning low maintenance, lightweight, and durability.

2) Modified bitumen functions nicely on residential apartment roofs. Since it comes in 3-ft. -Broad rolls, modified bitumen roof is simple to handle and implement. Mostly, you roll out the substance that seams overlap. Seams may be fused with a flashlight or sealed using a special adhesive. The roof gets a reflective coating for durability and decreased heat absorption.

3) EPDM roof has a fantastic history. Despite its exotic compound derivation, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM for short) has the appearance and feel of a regular rubber tube. EPDM comes in huge rolls and can be well-suited to program over any big, flat roof coating, giving the substrate is uniform and clean. The elastic rubber material is glued to the roofing substrate and to adjoining EPDM segments (Setup with mechanical fasteners can also be possible). An EPDM roof may quickly survive 20 years with minimal upkeep, but its dark tone absorbs an enormous amount of warmth. To prolong the life span of the single-ply roof and decrease cooling costs, a reflective upper coating is indispensable. As an alternative, you may pay additional for EPDM membrane using a white surface.

4) PVC roofing provides the top performance to get a premium cost. This single-ply roofing material is made of polyvinyl chloride the same high-quality plastic used in pipes. Seams between PVC sheets are welded together using a specially designed heating. The resulting membrane is impermeable to moisture, with exceptional durability. Since PVC roof is naturally white, it’s excellent heat-reflective qualities with no coating or additional therapy.

5) TPO roof is a mild, affordable single-ply alternative. TPO is brief for thermo-plastic alpine, the chemical makeup of the fabric-like roof material. TPO signifies a newer roof technology that is still being refined by various producers. The stuff comes in rolls of multiple dimensions, which makes it suitable for many different flat roof jobs. It may be set up with adhesives, mechanical fasteners, or heat welding. Much like EPDM and PVC roof, TPO demands a sterile, uniform shell; it cannot be installed directly over existing roofing material. Though TPO generally costs less than EPDM or PVC, it does not yet have the same track record of proven performance.

6) Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) joins roofing, insulation & flashing. Rather than ripping off an old apartment roof, SPF technology enables a contractor to spray a constant layer of high-density foam which seals leaks, bridges openings, and forms a watertight barrier – even around roof penetrations like port stacks. As a bonus, the treated foam coating has excellent insulation value, helping to decrease heating and cooling expenses. Building owners that should steer clear of the mess, disruption, and cost of ripping off an old apartment roof regularly find SPF roof their very best alternative. Once treated, the foam is coated with a coating that protects against ultraviolet degradation. Speak to our staff at AMI BUILDERS NC Before you buy… Call AMI… Neighborhood Roofers You Can Trust 919-812-7282.

Why select cedar shake roof in Raleigh

Why select cedar shake roof in Raleigh.

Here is a Few of the benefits associated with cedar shakes:

1) Powerful: The Western red cedar is among the most durable woods in the entire world. Furthermore, cedar timber has a meager shrinkage rate. That means it matches easily, lying straight and flat, and will maintain nails very tightly as time passes.

2) Resistant: Cedar contains natural compounds that withstand not only insects but moisture too, that is the best enemy of wooden roof merchandise. By resisting moisture, cedar is not as prone to rust and may be utilized in various climates around the nation.

3) Natural insulating material: Cedar timber can give a solid layer of insulating material on a house which contributes to cooler temperatures within the summertime and kept heat in winter.

4) Good-looking: Cedar shakes are a favorite option, in part, due to the distinctive appearance of the cedar wood supplies. Early on, cedar shakes possess honey or cinnamon color. As time passes, that transforms into a silvery gray that lots of homeowners find equally appealing.

5) Long-lasting: If set up correctly, cedar shakes may last for as many as 40 decades. Not just do cedar shakes withstand insects and moisture, but cedar timber also has a natural preservative that helps block the UV rays of sunlight. Furthermore, many producers coat cedar shakes using a fire-resistant item.

6) Resale value: due to the numerous benefits of cedar, houses with cedar often shakes the market more easily, especially if the roof is entirely new. The possible new owner understands the cedar is resistant to several the issues that could shorten the life span of new wood roofs and may anticipate many years minus the cost of a roof. Cedar shakes come at a higher price than an asphalt shingle roof. However, the investment generally lasts a lifetime. When correctly they are installed and Claimed, cedar shakes are an excellent roofing alternative.

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