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Roofing Replacement

A roof installation or roof repair is more than selecting the right shingles, and it’s also:

1) ensuring adequate roof sheathing,
2) installing full and proper underlayment,
3) having the correct and right proper flashing,
4) improving ventilation,
5) installing correct fasteners,
6) providing watertight valleys and
7) ensuring watertight penetrations.

Unfortunately, many roofing contractors in Raleigh are hurrying to get the job finished looking to save money and cut corners by not addressing or improving these components correctly. We will inspect, evaluate and then properly install the right roofing replacement system (including the above ingredients) so that you will not only have a beautiful roof on your Raleigh home but the proper functioning roof as well. The added care we provide gives you the confidence and reassurance that you’re getting honestly a great Raleigh roof installation and one that will last. AMI Builders is experts in helping you find the right type of residential roofing system, the best kind of shingle and the perfect color. So when the residential roof installation is complete, not only will you have a beautiful roof but also one that will be without the problems that are common with new roof installations.

For over ten years, we have consistently provided the highest quality roof installation, roof repair, roof maintenance, and roof replacement services to the Raleigh and surrounding areas. Our roofing company has the best roofers, and we use the finest materials at the very best prices. We guarantee our finished product so you can rest assured that you have the highest quality roof system available in Raleigh. NC Installing a new roof on your property is an investment and one of the most significant home improvement projects a residential home property owner can take on.

Our Raleigh, Roofing Services Include:

We understand that there are many roofing contractors in North Carolina to choose from, that’s why we make sure to offer the most professional, most reliable and the highest quality service you can come to expect.

1) NC Roof Inspections
2) NC Roof Repairs
3) NC Roof Replacements
4) NC Roof Installations
5) NC Roof Upgrade & Maintenance
6) NC Green Roofing and Cool Roofing Solutions
7) NC Metal Roofs
8) NC Tile Roofs
9) NC Slate Roofs
10) NC Storm Damage Assessment


1) Over 30 Years of Experience
2) Insurance Claims Specialist
3) A+ Accredited BBB Member
4) Insured and Bonded
5) Free Inspection & Estimate
6) 1000’s of Satisfied Customers

AMI Builders roof installation can save you money in the long-term by reducing the need for repairs, replacements, and constant maintenance. If you’re investing in a new roof for your home, consider us to manage the installation. We go above and beyond!

Raleigh Roof Installation

For the best performance from your new roof, proper installation is a must. Our fully licensed and insured company hires only extremely trained, experienced technicians. Then we ensure they’re up-to-date with the latest technology and methods by offering ongoing training. We don’t settle for less than perfection for our clientele. It’s that dedication to quality that has earned us accreditation with the Better Business Bureau and our location as a reliable choice for Raleigh’s best roofing installation.

Professional, Affordable Raleigh Replacement Roofing

Your roof protects your home from wind and weather, so it’s easy to see why you need to select high-quality roofing and roofing professionals who can provide a flawless installation. With over a decade of experience, our replacement roofing specialists pay attention to each piece of information, so that you could rely on AMI Builders to supply the quality you expect. Additionally to specialist workmanship, we provide our customers with many other benefits, including:

Best Roofers In Raleigh

1) Quality Products: We install shingle and metal roofing from top manufacturers with proven reputations for producing durable, high-performance products.
2) Transparent Quotes: Don’t even worry about hidden charges or additional fees–we supply accurate price quotes for your brand-new roof.
3) Aggressive Prices: We offer exceptional products at affordable prices.
4) Impressive Warranties: Your replacement roof is covered with industry-leading guarantees for your reassurance.
5) Flexible Funding: We make it simpler to spending budget for the roof services you want with simple financing options, including 0% interest plans!

Experienced, Affordable Roofing Contractors

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against humidity and wind injury. A quality roof that’s installed correctly can last for decades with very little maintenance. If, however, an inferior product is utilized or mistakes are made during installation, you won’t even get the performance and sturdiness you want. Rather than taking opportunities with an unknown roof contractor, choose a business with a proven track record for excellence! Advantages of choosing AMI Builders include:

a) Top-rated shingles and metal roofing products
b) Installation and repair teams who are extremely educated and have years of experience
c) Accurate estimates with no hidden charges or additional fees
d) Flexible financing that makes it simpler to spending budget for a brand-new roof
e) Courteous crews that show up on time work efficiently, and never leave a mess behind
f) Industry-leading guarantees so that you can rely on us long after the project is complete
g) Our roofing contractors offer you comprehensive roofing services, so whether you want a quick repair or a brand new installation, we might help.

We offer:

1) Metal roof installation
2) Shingle roofing installations
3) Leaky roof repairs
4) Emergency roof repairs
5) Roof inspections

Raleigh Roofing Repairs

Roofs damaged from wear, age, or a hostile storm be repaired before you may re-enter your house or the industrial building wherein you work. Sadly, the signals of a roof that needs repairs aren’t always evident to the collective eye. Especially when the age and wear set in it may be hard to discern whether your roof system requires replacement. To help you make this determination, AMI Builders is here to help. As experienced entrepreneurs in the field, our roof professionals specialize in the detection of roofs that can need repair. We take this experience to another level with the degree of service which we provide to our clients. Regardless of what state your current roof can be in, the requirements will be treated with care and respect. In all of that we do, we’re always trying to make sure that our clients are delivered with satisfactory outcomes – for the final product they’re provided and also the service they experience throughout the process. What to Expect With AMI Builders & Roof Repair in Raleigh. Our Roofing contractors are committed to providing our customers with excellent service and a satisfactory end product.

Part of making sure that we deliver the services you’re anticipating is by spending some time to prepare you for the process that is ahead of the roof repair project: homeowners, business employees, patrons of commercial buildings, and all-encompassing. Before we start any repair project, our company will spend some time to thoroughly inspect the condition of your current roofing system. In case your roof doesn’t pass the appropriate inspections and safety requirements to move ahead with a repair, the necessary actions must be taken before the project may safely continue.

Consequently, our clients are made aware that the projected date of completion for their repair is liable to change according to the fluctuation in terms of the restoration. Severe weather like hail, wind, and rain may delay a project, as accidental damage that can be found throughout the examination or throughout. Assuming that everything goes according to plan – like most projects – roof repairs might be completed quickly.

At AMI Builders, we have developed efficient methods that provide for quick, easy, and satisfactory results. Assuming that everything goes according to plan – as most projects do – roof repairs various kinds of homes and buildings. Working as a united team, our builders can quickly repair the roofing systems on most. When you expect nothing less than total satisfaction with the repair of your roof, you should consider none other than AMI Builders. From roof systems to metal roofing systems, and even flat roofing systems, our experts know how to repair conditions on each roofing style.

Affordable Roofing Repair

You don’t have to choose between quality and affordability with AMI Builders. Click below to learn more about our affordable roofing repair services!

Free Roof Inspections Raleigh

Before the repair, replacement or installation of any roof system can be successfully attracted underway, and a thorough examination ought to first be conducted. Without looking into the history of a house or a building’s roof system, any number of critical conditions could go undetected, unreported, and consequently un-rectified. Consequently, at AMI Builders, we spare no cost in the assessments we conduct when inspecting the roof system of a potential job. Thorough in our examination and meticulous in our strategy, we cover most of the bases when inspecting the roof system of a residential home or commercial building. In this way, we may ensure our customers that nothing has been overlooked or rotten before we prescribe the right course of action for moving forward. In our assessment of your roof system, we’ll be looking for particular conditions that may alert Portus to potential issues that will need to be addressed either before or during the repair/replacement of your roof. Particularly, inspections look to spot the following:

1) The approximate life expectancy of your roof
2) The general performance of your roof
3) The issues which might be struck upon installation
4) The repairs which will be necessary before moving forward
5) The conditions which will be required to maintain your roof
6) The possible requirement for a full replacement of your roof

The Importance of Raleigh Roofing Inspections.

It’s not sensible to move ahead with a replacement, repair, or new roof installation without first using the roof inspected by a specialist. How else would you know whether you’re moving with the best choice for the building’s present conditions? Roof replacements shouldn’t be executed when the current roofing system hasn’t fulfilled the humidity survey, nor should a repair be done before knowing all the conditions of the roof. Repairs and replacements that move without the correct examination beforehand can quickly go awry. In reality, if the roof contractor or business that you’ve hired to work on your home or business doesn’t insist upon inspecting the roof system before their work, you ought to be alerted to an issue. All too frequently, under-qualified contractors take on jobs for which they’re unprepared. The result? Ordinarily, a roof that’s damaged even further.

Roofing inspections in Raleigh significantly delay the progress of your job. In reality, conducted with the right professionals, these inspections will do nothing more than ensure that the task is executed as rapidly and safely as possible. At AMI Builders we have spent years inspecting and working on roof systems through North Carolina. We have perfected the craft of conducting thorough inspections in a time-efficient manner. To learn more, contact our office today.

Do you require a roof restoration?

Is your roof looking a bit worn out? Occasionally all that’s required is economic maintenance. We might have the ability to save you a good deal of cash and prolong the life of your roofing considerably. For a fraction of the expense of a brand-new replacement, we may repair and restore the old roof. Moreover, since all our work conforms to the right solutions, you may rest assured the job will be done right.

Flat Roofing NC

Flat roofing takes a little more maintenance than conventional pitched coatings. Because of the low pitch, flat roofs are vulnerable to humidity for more extended periods than other layers. If you assess your flat roof daily, you are going to be capable of stopping problems before they escalate. Call the number above for free suggestions about replacement and repairs.

Concrete Tile Roofing NC

Tile roofing is durable, attractive and requires very little maintenance. Broken or cracked tiles and loose cement slurry is the most typical causes of leaks. The tiles on the left need little attention. After the mortar has been pointed, this roofing will go on for three decades and before it takes further maintenance. Roof leaks. It’s essential that the roof flow is properly investigated or any money spent for repairs will be wasted. The rain can be entering the construction in a completely different place from where it shows on your ceiling.

Roof Leak Repairs NC

We’ll supply you with a free estimate that clearly describes the specific reason for your flow and our proposed remedy. Metal roof repairs. Crown carry out repairs at all sorts of Metal roofing. Call for suggestions about prolonging the life of your roof. The corrugated iron on the right requires an urgent fix. The ridge capping has been removed to show severe corrosion under. Since it’s was caught early enough, the rust could be treated. By giving galvanic protection, life could be extended for more than twenty years.

Metal Roof Repairs NC

Call for advice on extending the life of your metal roof. If The corrugated iron in your metal roofing needs an urgent repair. The ridge capping may be removed to reveal severe corrosion underneath. Because it has been caught early enough, the rust can be treated. By providing galvanic protection, life may be extended for more than twenty years.

More information about NC roof leaks

A roof leak is maybe damaging the integrity of the building’s structure. Leaks often continue for some time before they are noticed as damp patches inside your property. If left unchecked this can lead to damaged rafters and high structural problems. Most leaks are easily fixed if caught early enough. The faster you act, the less damage and cost. We have many years of experience locating and repairing roof leaks. If you allow us to provide you with a free estimate, you will find the process easy and affordable.


Benefits of an asphalt shingle roof

Appearance: Asphalt shingles can be found in a wide array of styles and colors to complement any home. Choose from the shades of brown, blue, gray, black, green, and even reddish. Ease of Installation: In contrast to some other roof systems, asphalt shingle roofs are comparatively easy to install. If any shingles become damaged, a repair can also be fast and easy. Price: Many homeowners have been drawn to the asphalt shingle roof due to its reduced cost. Asphalt roofing is more affordable than other roof systems.


Asphalt shingle roofs last for 20 to 30 decades. Limited lifetime warranties are offered for a few shingles. Additionally, asphalt shingle roofs need little upkeep. We’re proud to install products made by top quality materials such as asphalt shingles made from fiberglass, and architectural shingles together with lifetime warranties available.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingles are the most typical roofing material for most residential homes. They’re cheap, easy to install, and come in an assortment of colors and styles. Algae resistant shingles and Energy Star rated shingles are also offered. Asphalt shingles can be found in 3 styles, traditional three-tab, architectural, and specialty shingles.


Benefits of a Cedar Shake Roof

1) Appearance: Aesthetic appeal is one of the main reasons homeowners choose cedar roofing. Cedar roofs are naturally beautiful. Over time, cedar will age to a silver-gray color. Energy Efficient: Cedar is a natural insulator, making it an energy-efficient roofing material and allowing you to save money on heating and cooling cost.
2) Weather Resistant: Cedar shake roofs are wind and impact resistant. They can withstand strong wind, hail, and even hurricanes. They can also resist damage from UV light.
3) Lifespan: The life expectancy of a cedar shake roof depends on the quality of the materials and regular maintenance. Properly maintained cedar roofs could last a long time. However, regular maintenance is required to reach a long lifespan.

Metal Roofing Raleigh

Metal roofs are durable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient. When compared with other roof systems, metal roofs are light-weight. They’re also low maintenance and arrive in some colors. Installing a metal roof is less affordable than an asphalt shingle roof, but it is going to last longer and require less upkeep.

Benefits of a Metal Roof

Lifespan: Homeowners are drawn to the metal roof due to its longevity. Metal roofing lasts much longer than the asphalt shingle roof and requires very little upkeep.

Energy Efficient: Metal roof reflects heat from the sun, significantly lowering your energy bills and maintaining your home warmer in the summertime.

Wind and Fire Resistant: Metal roof systems are wind resistant. A metal roof can be naturally fire-resistant.

Environmentally Friendly: The metal roof is partially made from recycled materials and may also be recycled when eventually removed from a rooftop.

Copper Roofing

Copper roofing provides an attractive appearance that will match any construction style. The copper roof is long-lasting, light-weight, and very low maintenance. Copper is also flexible, enabling it to be formed and shaped easily. Unlike some other metal roofing materials, aluminum doesn’t even require painting or finishes. With time, copper will naturally weather to bronze colors and after that eventually a green patina. Copper can be set up on the part of, or the whole roof. It is usually used for trimming and unique attributes, like gutters, roof vents, and chimney caps.

Roofing Services and Installation Raleigh NC

Slate Roofing Raleigh

Slate is a fine-grained, metamorphic stone. Slate is shaped into roof tiles of varying sizes and thicknesses. Slate roofs are both beautiful and extremely durable. A slate roof is fire resistant, weatherproof, and extremely resistant to weather. A properly installed slate roof can last for at least one hundred years. If you’re intrigued within an extraordinarily durable roofing system that will last a lifetime, then consider investing in slate. Since slate is a stone, it’s an item that is very heavy. Your home will need to be evaluated to determine if extra reinforcement is necessary to support the weight of a slate roof. Slate is a costly item. The expense of installing a slate roof is a lot greater than that of many other roof systems. Nevertheless, investing in a slate roof is worth the price because it is going to last a lifetime and increase the value of your home.

Advantages of a Slate Roof

Lifespan: Slate is a natural stone and can be more durable than most human-made materials. A slate roof can last for at least one hundred years. That is a massive advantage over other roof systems that may want to be replaced after 1 or 2 decades.

Weather Resistant: Slate roofs are incredibly resistant to temperature fluctuations and weather. They may easily withstand heavy rain, wind, and hail. Slate is also water-proof. Since the slate is very dense, it doesn’t absorb water. Your slate roof will remain untouched by fungus and mold.

Fire Resistant: Additionally to being weather resistant, the slate is also possibly the most fire-resistant roofing materials available.

Appearance: possibly the most appealing qualities of a slate roof is its pure beauty. A slate roof adds sophistication and curb appeal to any home. Slate tiles can be found in a wide assortment of thicknesses and sizes.

Siding Repair & Installation Raleigh

The experts at AMI Builders in Raleigh, NC can provide you with all types of siding replacement, installations, and repairs. A great way to boost your property’s curb appeal is with new siding for your residential home property. Whether for an office, business or your beloved home, our siding can completely change the look of a property.

Siding Installation

New House Siding in Raleigh – Your home is a direct reflection of you. Give the neighbors something to talk about with spectacular, new siding. At AMI Builders, we offer vinyl siding for Raleigh homeowners. We’ll make your home look even more beautiful. With a wide variety of siding materials available, we will have something to suit your taste, style, and needs. Not sure what you need? Our siding experts can help you choose what’s best for your home or office building. We will take into consideration the conditions in your area and the size of your home and budget. We offer the following siding services:

1) Siding Repair & Replacement
2) Vinyl Siding
3) Fiber Cement Siding (James Hardie Certified)
4) Wood Siding

The Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding offers many appealing benefits. Homeowners never have to compromise the architectural design style of their home because vinyl comes available in a big selection of textures, colors, architectural trim, and accessories. We may even mimic the look of many varieties of wood and stone to give your home that special charm you’re after. Probably the real seduction behind vinyl is the fact that there’s very little or no maintenance required. Never again will you’ve to paint your home. And not only is plastic attractive, but it’s an extremely affordable option.

Residential Siding Repair & Replacement

In addition to roofing services, we also provide residential siding installation and repair services. We install many types of siding. The most popular siding used for residential homes is vinyl, due to its low cost and low maintenance. Other popular siding options include fiber cement siding and wood siding.

1) Wood Siding: Wood siding provides a naturally Holistic and beautiful appearance. It can be painted to complement the style of any home. While impressive, wood siding requires a high level of maintenance to prevent deterioration.
2) Vinyl Siding: The most popular siding material for residential dwellings is vinyl. Vinyl siding is attractive, affordable, and comes in a variety of colors. It requires very little maintenance and is easy to clean.
3) Fiber Cement Siding: Fiber cement siding is composed of sand, cement, and wood fibers. It is designed to resemble other siding materials, including wood. Fiber cement siding is durable and long-lasting.


A concise summation was detailing the rationale of continuing roof system upkeep. “Out of sight out of mind”. This is the usual manner of thinking in the present world of extended hours, dull programs along with a significant number of issues connected with an increasingly complex business environment. Combining this with tightening budgets, cash-flow direction, quality employee’s retention along with numerous other essential corporate purposes makes savings through preventative maintenance appear modest in the grand strategy of conducting your company. Often, preventative care and controlled tests of your commercial roofing have been overlooked dependent on the easy justification of “no flows” Even the “no-leaks, no-problem” logic frequently makes it possible for the roofing system to go unattended. This can allow small issues to grow inside the system’s meeting, often to the point at which complete replacement is the only available alternative. In circumstances where new roof systems are installed, and pricey warranties executed, this system can be left-handed before the inevitable roof flow happens.

More times than not, when the roof flow becomes evident, inside damage to the roof-system meeting has taken place. This inside assembly harm frequently destroys large regions of the roof system and will invalidate your guarantee. Your brand-new roofing system is always subjected to a profusion of surface-degrading occurrences. These surface issues begin when the machine is frequently exposed to environmental components. A few of those inclement-weather elements incorporate ultraviolet-ray degradations, excessive winds, hailstones as well as acid rains. Everyone these weather variables are harmful in character to the roof-system elements. As if harm to the roofing itself was not enough, these components may also harm your rooftop gear.

Roof-Mounted gear presents a lot of new issues. These may lead to increased rooftop visitors in combination with the normal functioning of such equipment. Most of us know the significance of effective HVAC operation, surely on these smoldering times of summer. It’s during this period that the roof surface is very vulnerable to harm. Often, this damage is inevitable by support personnel as inside temperatures rise or fall because of a roof-mounted unit collapse. Having lived many years in the building business, we frequently associate construction-type preventative care with this of auto maintenance. Each year brings with it the specific kinds of traveling, including many miles on the family automobile. Many times, this automobile receives a comprehensive service checkup ahead of the excursion in a bid to prevent costly and diagnosing issues. The contrast of auto maintenance with this of the industrial roofing system differs only from the initial price and potential savings to every facility. To maximize the effectiveness of your business’s dollars, it’s imperative to see that roof-maintenance expenditures relate directly to gains through avoidance of additional inside harms, which can consist of something as fast as a reduction of productivity at a broken facility.

Prepare For Roof Replacement at Raleigh LA

Throughout a re-roof, your home will be a construction zone. Below is important info to assist you in preparing for your project. This may be uncomfortable, but we want to ensure you or your home are protected.

Before Re-roof/Construction:

1) We’ll have access to your driveway for the delivery of materials before starting the job as well as through construction. Please park your vehicles away from home.
2) Be ready for noise; there’ll be constant hammering for more than one day based upon the dimensions of your roof. Remove valuable items and breakable things from walls and shelves. They could fall due to vibrations caused by the hammering.
3) Keep children away from the work construction zone and confine any animals or pets indoors or restrain them away from home. Falling debris might cause injury.
4) Move outdoor furniture and potted plants away from home and pay for the pool/hot tub or pond.
5) Don’t run the sprinkler system the night before or during construction.
6) Cover items in the attic and garage when there’s no inside ceiling. Rotted decking will be removed which may cause falling debris from the attic.

During Construction:
1) Disarm the burglar alarm as vibrations from hammering might activate it.
2) Please unlock any gates around the home for debris removal.
3) The roofing crew will need access to water and a source of electricity. If exterior plugs are not available, then please have an extension cable through a door or window.
4) Please walk cautiously and don’t drive on the drive; await nails and debris.
5) Exercise caution when entering or leaving your home. Debris along with other objects may fall from the roof.

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After Construction:

1) Verify that all gates are closed before allowing pets outside.
2) Watch for overlooked nails. Please be mindful! A yard with taller grass or fallen leaves doesn’t clean up as rapidly or as quickly as a clean, freshly cut lawn.
3) Whether you have a gas furnace and water heater, please assess the vent pipes for these items to ensure they’ve become disconnected due to the vibrations throughout construction. Vent pipes operate from the units, throughout the attic and outside through the roof. This isn’t something the roofing crew can assess from the exterior.
4) Even under the best conditions accidents can occur in a construction zone. Please notify our office instantly if you notice any problems during or following the re-roof of your home. We are always available to you.

Get Your Free Quote Today! Common Roofing Terms You Should Know

Asphalt – an organic
Road – a natural bituminous compound employed in the production of composition shingles.
Asphalt roofing cement – used to bond roofing materials, also known as flashing adhesive or
mastic. ASTM – American Society for Testing of Materials. A voluntary organization involved in the development of standards, test procedures, and specifications. Many town building codes use ASTM standards.
Base Flashing – the part of the blinker that is connected to, or rest on the roof deck.
Blend – mixtures of various colored granules on the surface of the shingles.
Blind Nailing – It nails driven in such a manner that the heads are concealed by succeeding layers of roof materials.
Blisters – bubbles that might seem on the surface of the asphalt roof.
Bridging – a way of re-roofing in which the shingles follow the contour of the old roof. Additionally called butting up. It’s nearly always desired to rip off the old roof.
Built-Up Roof – a flat or low sloped roof made up of layers of asphalt and ply sheets. However, the part of the shingle exposed to the weather, sometimes called the tab, of the shingle.
Cant Strip – Its a 45 degree beveled wood, fiberboard, or metal strips in roof connection and also a vertical surface utilized to break a right angle and mainly used in low sloped roofing.
Cap Flashing – flashing on a vertical surface to prevent the stream water from getting behind the base flashing. The cap flashing overlaps the base flashing. This flashing is usually not changed at a re-roofing job.
Cement – a material, when cured, binds to surfaces together.
Class A, – It’s the highest fire-resistance rating for roofing according to ASTM E-108. Shingle with this evaluation must withstand severe exposure to fire from resources originating outside the building. Mainly installs closed valleys.
Coating – a coating of viscous asphalt employed to shingles wherein granules are embedded.
Collars – The preformed flange placed on a vent pipe. The two main types, lead jacks and rubber boots.
Counter Flashing – see Cap Flashing. Course – a horizontal unit of roof running the duration of the roof.
Cricket – It’s a little-peaked saddle built on the top of the original roof and behind the chimney.
Cricket is usually not required.
Cupola – a structure is rising above the original roof. It’s usually ornamental, but can be used for
Dead Amount – a roof or section of the roof without any pitch.
Deck – the hardware installed on the design of construction on which the shingles are installed. The primary materials are oriented orientation board and cdx Plywood.
Double Coverage – a way of applying roof shingles to ensure that two finish.
Weathering – changes in color, texture or efficiency brought about by exposure to external elements.
Dormer – a window unit projecting throughout the sloping plane of the roof.
Drip Edge – The usually metal strips used on eaves and rakes to allow for water runoff without damaging underlying materials.
Drip Course – the first course of shingles which slightly overhangs the edge.
Eave – the horizontal edge of the roof which projects over the exterior wall.
Exposure – It’s the part of the shingle that’s exposed to the weather and usually measured from the butt of one shingle to the butt of the next overlapping shingles.
Lap – the overlap of the surface of one roof material to another.

Laminated Shingles – shingle containing one or more layers of tabs producing extra thickness.
Lock Shingles – a shingle with a mechanical locking feature. These aren’t common.
Low slope application – method of applying shingles on slopes between 2 and 4 inches per foot. Mansard Roof – a vertical part of the roofing.
Mastic – see asphalt roof cement.
Modified Bitumen – Roll Roofing Membrane with polymer modified asphalt. The roster will typically possess a fiberglass or polyester mat for reinforcement.
Nesting – see bridging.
Standard Slope Application – the way of installing shingles between 4 and 21 inches per foot.
Open Valley – the valley where metal is utilized, and roof material don’t cover the whole valley place like in a closed valley.
Saturant – asphalt used to impregnate felt for waterproof and strength.
Seal Down – a factory-applied asphalt strip used to bond a shingle to the one over. This is utilized to give wind resistance.
Sheathing – outdoor quality boards utilized as a roof deck.
Side Circle – horizontal spiral.
Skirt Flashing – A sizable frequently single bit of flashing commonly located at the bottom of a skylight or the addition.
Slope – the amount of incline of a roof plane.
Soffit – the final underside of an eave.

Soffit Vent – An under eve opening required for intake of outside air. These aren’t part of a typical roofing job, however, are necessary for proper attic ventilation.
Ground stack – a ventilation duct that penetrates the roof.
Span – the horizontal measurement from eave to eave.
Spirea tower of roofing tapering up to a point.
Square – a unit of measurement of roof covering 100 square feet.
Square Butt Shingles – frequently three tabs 20 year
Shingles – maybe not laminated.
Starter Course – the first course of shingles installed on your roof. It’ll be beneath the very first exposed row.
Frequently these shingles are 20 years three-tab shingles. To not make an awkward hump, these are utilized even when more massive layered tiles are installed. I am flashing step – flashing along a roof incline against a wall or chimney using achievement courses of flashing material put in conjunction with diapers or classes of roof materials. Step Flashing is generally in 4 by four by 8-inch bits.
Tab – a portion of strip shingles defined by cutouts or slots so when installed, the material appears to be individually applied.
Underlayments – An asphalt-saturated felt applied over the roof deck and under the roofing material. Homeowners should know there is a wide range of both quality and price in underlayments.
Valley – It’s the intersection of two roof slopes.
Vent – an outlet for air
Weathering – changes in color, texture or efficiency brought about by exposure to outside elements.

Roof Repair Raleigh NC

Are you a Realtor and want to learn more about our Inspection Process? AMI Builders offers Professional Roof Installation, Repair, & Replacement. We are licensed & Insured.

Locally Owned & Operated · Free Inspections · OSHA Certified · Zero Down Financing · Free estimates. Services: Inspections, New Installations, Repair, Replacement. If You’re Searching for a roofing contractor Business in the Raleigh area, give us a Call 919-812-7282

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